About Us

The Indian art and architecture is one of the oldest and classic cultures on this earth.

Vastu Shastra:-

It is one of the great arts of India. The science of constructing temples, houses are totally based on Vastu shastra.”Vaasthu” (the earth) is called “Vastu”. Thus the art of designing & constructing the temple is completely based on “VASTU SHASTRA”.

Thus “Sompura” families are involved in the traditional art of “Temple Architecture” since centuries.

Temple Architecture is one of the world’s traditional & ancient art of India. We are one of the leading architecture & manufacturing firms practicing successfully since last 50 years.

We have delivered classic architecture, marvellous carving & crafting by our expert artisans.

Our Journey:-

In the journey of 50 years we have designed, constructed & renovated over 125 Projects.

Shri Rameshchandra Vrajlal Sompura has established this firm and now his son Shri Paresh Sompura has also followed on the same profession & running the firm very smoothly.

Have a glance on our some of the major projects.

Rameshchandra V. Sompura

Birth Date: 11-10-1934
Birth Place: Vadhwan
Experience : Temple Architech & Contractor Above 50 Years

Pareshbhai R. Sompura

Birth Date: 10-1-1969
Birth Place: Mahudi
Experience : Temple Architech & Contractor

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